Colorado Homeless 

Put An End To Homelessness 

Homeless Needs

Ways to Help The Colorado Homeless Project:

Contribute the Gear, Clothing or Hygene Items

Organize a Gear or Food Drive in Your Nieghborhood

Contrbute Cash, Checks (Written to Demon Dolls - RE: Colorado Homeless), Gift Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, Restaurant, Grocery Chans, Sporting Goods, Etc.), and any other items that could be useful.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Become a Corpoate Partner

Contribute your Old Unused Car

We Serve The Homeless of ALL AGES and Genders so we welcome all Sizes

All Contributions can be Shipped to:

Demon Dolls

705 32nd Street

Boulder, CO 80303

ATTN: Colorado Homeless


Local Pick-Up Available in Boulder Area

(720) 26-DOLLS

(720) 263-6557

Backpacks                                                            Daypacks                                                        Sleeping Bags (All Types)

Yoga Mats                                                            Sleeping Bag Pads                                          Tents (All Sizes as we serve Families Too)

Tarps                                                                    Cots                                                                  Stuff Sacks

Hygiene Items                                                      Emergency "Space" Blankets                           Hand and Foot Warmers

Water Bottles                                                       Flash Lights                                                      Head Lamps

Bicycle Lights                                                      Battery Powered Alarm Clocks                         Wind Up Alarm Clocks

Camping Mess Kits                                             Backpacking Mess Kits                                     Sunglasses

Bike Locks                                                          Padlocks                                                            Watches

Spring Coats                                                       Winter Coats                                                     Rain Coats

Ponchos                                                             Hoodies                                                             Sweaters

Sweat Shirts                                                       Thermal Underware (New Only)                       Thermal Undershirt (New Only)

Hiking Boots                                                       Tennis Shoes                                                    Winter Boots

Snowshoes                                                         Winter Socks                                                     Summer Socks

Jeans                                                                  All Other Pants                                                  All Shirts

Sweatpants                                                        Underware (New Only)                                      Summer Hats

Winter Hats                                                        Womens Purses & Handbags                           Men and Womens Wallets

Blankets                                                             Bug Spray                                                         First Aid Kits

First Aid Supplies                                               Disposable Razors                                           Shaving Cream

Hand Sanitizer                                                   Batteries                                                           Soap

Shampoo & Conditioners                                   Body Wash                                                       Bath Towels

Wash Clothes                                                    Duct Tape                                                         Climbing Rope

Small Sewing Kits                                             Shoe Insoles (New Only)                                  Foot Powder

Any Other Hygiene, Camping, Survival Gear, and Gas cards for the Homeless that live in a Car to Stay Warm.