Colorado Homeless 

Put An End To Homelessness 



I started Colorado Homeless because I am tired of seeing the homeless not get the things other organizations say they give to the homeless. I feel that all of the staff for an organization that claims to help the homeless should have an all volunteer staff and if there is a paid staff it should be made from the people that are homeless which will help get them off the street. Hiring a person who is not homeless does not help a homeless get off the street. In fact most organizations I have been too when you go in you are treated like a Criminal or a Virus and looked down upon. In doing so this breaks the Spirit of a Homeless person and make them feel like the are Humanities Trash and causes them to want to die. In doing so and not helping like they say causes more death in the homeless community. This is not right.

We also do not believe it is right that Businesses kick the Homeless off the corners. We can understand if the ones kicked off are trashing the place or getting drunk there. What we disagree on is the Homeless who were put to homelessness and that is the only way for them to survive. If a Homeless person is keeping an area clean and respecting the property and never being aggressive or intoxicated they should be allowed to stay as they are causing no harm. Let's all help where we can And PUT AN END TO HOMELESSNESS!!


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